Doctor Clockwork
Doctor Clockwork

    Doctor Clockwork is renowned throughout the land for his Collection of GENUINE Electrical Devices virtually Guaranteed to produce PLEASURE and AMUSEMENT of the Highest Caliber! Customers can trust the Quality of the Products they purchase, each Item having been Pre-Tested in Doctor Clockwork’s own Scientific Laboratory. Ladies and Gentlemen alike will be Amazed at the Wide Variety of STIMULATING DEVICES, each with its own Astonishing Features! Own for yourself a genuine article of Medical KINK or an Electric TOY and banish all Unsatisfied Cravings! Experience Unique Sensations! Restore Vigor to the act of PHYSICAL UNION! Peek into the Forbidden Realm of DEVIANT BEHAVIOR! Doctor Clockwork is Peerless in his field! A Learned Authority and Sage of no small Proportion in matters Electricological, he works ceaselessly to answer every Query and provide every support necessary to the Exploration of certain Consensual Play Activities. No stone is left unturned in the Pursuit of new Products and Services! Look no further, for you have found the genuine article, the one, the only, DOCTOR CLOCKWORK’S HOME FOR ELECTRIC AND MEDICAL ODDITIES.

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Doctor Clockwork’s Home
For Electrical And Medical Oddities