The Thruster
The Thruster

    Building a Better Sex Toy Company - As a husband & wife team with experience in and around lifestyle parties, we saw every sex toy known to exist. We found that there were no handheld sex toys that delivered a penetrating motion. After more than 20 years in the aerospace manufacturing business, we decided it would be much more fun to develop our own product line in the adult pleasure industry. There was a clear gap in what present-day sex toy businesses where offering. For us, adult entertainment shows and parties are far more fun anyway. And even better, no more suits and ties, ever! At first, we thought we were just going to replace large sex machines in the pleasure product market. However, when we completed our first prototypes the product was much closer in size to current market pulsators and vibrating dildos. For 2 years, we kept engineering until we got what we wanted. A very powerful handheld thrusting dildo, that bends and curves while you’re playing with it. This was an essential detail and very hard to accomplish. Truthfully this product is over-engineered, big surprise from aerospace folks… but it is built to last and has a tip to tail warranty that we are glad to honor. We have been granted patent number US9717645B2 for our invention of a handheld penetrating pleasure machine. This was the beginning of the Velvet Co sex toy company and our current product line: The Thruster.

    The Ultimate Penetrating Pleasure Machine - Experience a handheld sex toy unlike any other in your collection. Harness the power of a full-sized fucking machine in the palm of your hand with 3 inches of thrust, and 10 adjustable speeds. This 6.5-inch long thrusting toy can deliver up to 140 strokes per minute with 90-degree shaft flexibility. This Unisex product is designed for solo and couples masturbation. Experience the sensation you have always dreamed of from a handheld sex toy.

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