Fun With Flameless Candle Wax

HTC – 1

Class Type: Workshop

Basic Introduction to Candle Wax 101 – Do you like the feel of wax on your finger when you dip it into a regular burning candle? Now you crave more, all over your body? Come on down and take a tour down the road of learning how you can partake in this fun game with wax. In this class you will learn:

  • What is Wax Play?
  • Wax Safety including what kind of wax types to use, and what not to use, temperature to burn the candles, and what they should be before using them on your bottom.
  • Q & A of your bottom, the health check, and what is and is not acceptable play and what is off limits.
  • Shaving vs body hair and wax play.
  • Preparing before the scene, and during the scene and after the scene.
  • Technique – let’s face it, pouring would just suck, so let’s make this enjoyable for both you and your bottom. Technique is everything.
  • Clean up and aftercare for both the top and bottom.


Beginner Level Instructional Intermediate Level Workshop Series