It’s Shocking!
A Beginner’s Guide To Electrical Play

HTC – 4

Class Type: Workshop

Have you’ve ever thought about adding a new form of sensation play to your repertoire? Whether you’re a complete newcomer to this form of play, a sensation junkie, enjoy mild “tingly & tickling” sensations, or are a hardcore pain player, we have toys that intrigue and satisfy. 

This will be a LIVE DEMO and workshop using an assistant as well as volunteers from the audience. Whether you are a curious beginner or have used electricity in your sessions, this demonstration will give you a great starting point for incorporating it safely into your play routine. You will have a chance to actually see and explore these electrical tools of pleasure and/or torture (depending on how you’d like to use them). 

We’ll briefly go over the basics including many different forms of electrical play (using many of the “toys” themselves), correct usage and basic safety plus delve into a myriad of alternate uses for basic electro-sex products.  We’ll have time for participants to try out various products so they can get a taste of the very different sensations provided by various E-Stim toys and the violet wand (and I’ll bet they don’t feel how you *think* they feel!). Emphasis will be placed on the more sensual and pleasurable uses of these devices in play (but, of course, it can also be used in pain-oriented play as well).

This workshop will be conducted by TheAnalyst,  a long time enthusiast of electric play from the Orlando area who enjoys sharing his experiences and toys at various regional events, local dungeons, and elsewhere.


Beginner Level Instructional Intermediate Level Workshop Series