Keeping Your Relationship Fresh

HTC – 2

Class Type: Workshop

Have you had trouble keeping your submission and service going? Does it seem that things may have lost its “Fire” or “spark” or even the “honeymoon phase” You are not alone here, this happens to some of us at some point and you may even feel that it may be time to end the relationship, but before you do come and see how you can rekindle that spark, and sometimes this means starting over, or as I like to call it “back to the basics” This class will discuss using ritual, protocols, boundaries, education and self-knowledge to aid your ability to continue to serve at a level of excellence.

We will discuss service as a subset of self, being self-motivating setting goals within your service and maintaining your space emotionally and physically.

How to do things that your Dominant requires and wants, remember that if it is something the Dominant does not want, you are not providing a service to them.


BDSM Lifestyle Beginner Level Expert Level Instructional Intermediate Level Workshop Series