Pain for Pleasure, Not for Injury

HTC – 4

Class Type: Workshop

Interest in the kink culture has been growing for years. We see it everywhere, from cell phone ads and cartoons showing a duct tape gagged young women proclaiming you have permission to speak freely to the world-wide phenomenon of Fifty Shades of Grey but whatever your vehicle was for discovering the kink culture many newcomers are left not knowing where to start, what to do, and how to be safe while doing it. Pain for pleasure was born from a kink scene gone bad and designed to be a newcomer guide as well as an experienced kinksters place to share and learn. Over the past 12 years this session has been standing room only program allowing us all to learn and grow together. The class is designed to be an open format featuring discussion and demonstration. So, bring your bottom and toy bags.


BDSM Lifestyle Beginner Level Instructional Intermediate Level Workshop Series