Slaps, Smacks and Whacks

HTC – 4

Class Type: Workshop

How to use hands, floggers, paddles and crops and canes to torture, tease and tenderize. The presentation that has been standing room only in the past is back again to answer your questions. What is the best type of flogger to use on breasts or bottoms? Why is it a good idea to do a “warm-up”? Are riding crops really necessary? Why do I need a paddle when I have my hand? Is sub-space similar to the elusive and mystical g-spot? If you have found yourself asking these or similar questions look no further because this lecture is going to help you find the answers. Presented by Master Mastiff, we are going to talk terminology, demonstrate technique and spend some time on the do’s, the don’ts and the don’t stops. We will discuss materials such as wood vs. leather, look for the answer to the eternal question of stingy vs. thuddy and of course go over communication before, safety during and aftercare after. If you attended in the years past, come back and see it again, we are sure there was something you missed and if you didn’t make it one of the previous years, what are you waiting for? And for all of you who have read the books or have seen the movies and want to know what it is really all about, this class is tailor made for you.


BDSM Lifestyle Beginner Level Instructional Intermediate Level Workshop Series