Jet Setting Jasmine

BIO: Jasmine is a licensed clinical therapist with a strong emphasis on Intimacy Post Injury and Intimacy Post Illness. King Noire, co-owner of Royal Fetish Films and Jet Setting Jasmine has combined his love of the arts, film and sex education to produce erotica that stimulates and engages the audience to push their sexual boundaries. King and Jasmine share over 20 years of experience as Adult Entertainers, Educators and Master Fetish Trainers. The duo are award winning adult film stars and have dedicate their craft to creating a more inclusive and ethically sound adult entertainment industry.


*Classes are on a first come / first seated basis
and all attendees are welcome to attend classes,
including day pass holders during trade show hours.

*Exception: Thursday Classes are for ALL ACCESS – INDUSTRY ONLY

My Classes

The Art of Seductive Dance for Couples

HTC – 1

Class Type: Workshop Dance is one of the oldest forms of seduction. This timeless technique of movement, touch, and entertainment continues to be celebrated as a perfect way for couples to connect intimately, using nonverbal communication. No need to worry if dancing is not your forte; Jasmine and King walk-through role play, movement, and touch to […]

Beginner Level Instructional Intermediate Level Workshop Series

Trauma, Drama, and Kink

HTC – 3

Class Type: Workshop This intro workshop will explore how an alternative approach to exposure therapy in the form of role-playing and BDSM/Kink can support healing existing traumas. Revisiting past trauma, in the right context, allow the participants space where s/he has control over what happens and how the scene ends. Reframing and creating positive experiences in […]

BDSM Lifestyle Beginner Level Intermediate Level Workshop Series

Sex Positive Parenting


Class Type: Seminar Series This seminar, taught by King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine discuss the challenges with raising children while being fully engaged in Kink and/or the adult industry. We hit topics from co-parenting, age-appropriate sex communication and how to safeguard families from external factors, such as bullying. Techniques to safeguard children change as they […]

Beginner Level Expert Level Intermediate Level Seminar Series