Master Hirokata

BIO: MHirokata has over 24 years of experience in the BDSM Lifestyle and has educated in the US and is a passionate sadist and enjoys hurting his Midnight_Angel in a loving and caring way. He also enjoys educating the community in his sadism play with needles and fire.

Master Hirokata is a 43 year old Sado-Dominant whom identifies as a bi-sexual whom has been in the lifestyle since 1999 with his partner & wife Lady Aalyanna who is his better half. In 2002 he collared his submissive A_Midnight_Angel who has continued to serve both Mhirokata and Lady Aalyanna for the past 13 years. Master Hirokata is known primarily in the Tampa Bay area for his fire-play and introducing his knowledge of kinesiology and trigger point therapy into his own form of sadism. A sort of “Making things better with a tea spoon of pain”. Mhirokata also has a fondness for the use of canes, needles, saline infusion, as well as providing a little piss fun. New experiences which he is beginning to explore are big/little relationship, pup play, and race play. Presented at: Fetish Con (2001-2005) and (2011-Present), FLAC (2013-2015), The LXIX (2014-Present), Florida Power Exchange (2015), Kinky Camp Out (2014-Present) Florida Leather & Fetish Pride (2014-Present) Mr. Code (2014-Present), South East Leather Fest (2016), Spring Fling Leather Fest (2017), DomCon Atlanta (2015), DomCon NOLA (2016), and have run for the FPE 2013 & 2014 title with Lady Aalyanna and A_Midnight_Angel as a D/s Poly-Triad.


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*Exception: Thursday Classes are for ALL ACCESS – INDUSTRY ONLY

My Classes

Fun With Flameless Candle Wax

HTC – 1

Class Type: Workshop Basic Introduction to Candle Wax 101 – Do you like the feel of wax on your finger when you dip it into a regular burning candle? Now you crave more, all over your body? Come on down and take a tour down the road of learning how you can partake in this fun […]

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