Pup Kairo

BIO: Pup Kairo is a fun loving mischievous pup you will likely find sniffing around online or at local events in Florida, where he enjoys hanging out with friends and making new ones. He was the second runner up for Florida Puppy 2017 and is a proud recipient of the Florida Puppy Contest Paw Award for community service.

Kairo first got started with puppy play through the furry fandom and has subsequently explored his inner pup at many events throughout the southeast US. Kairo loves sharing his puppy passion and has taught puppy classes at the Woodshed in Orlando, Florida Leather and Fetish Pride Weekend, Florida Leather Sir Leather boy Community Bootblack contest, Fantasy Fetish Fest, and Florida Puppy Contest. Kairo has also taken his passion for teaching online through his Youtube series InfoPup where he covers everything puppy from gear to behavior, social interaction, and health and safety topics. Kairo also loves to interact and create places for pups to have fun. He is co-chair of MCO-PAH, an organization that hosts, advertises, and volunteers for fetish events in central Florida. He hopes you have a wagging good time learning puppy play with him.


*Classes are on a first come / first seated basis
and all attendees are welcome to attend classes,
including day pass holders during trade show hours.

*Exception: Thursday Classes are for ALL ACCESS – INDUSTRY ONLY

My Classes

Puppy Play 101

HTC – 3

Class Type: Workshop Puppy 101 is an informative class about Human Pup Play that covers topics which answer the “what why and how” of puppy play such as: Safety, Different types of pups, Sex, Sexuality, and puppy play. Plus, Tips to accessing and improving puppy headspace, Puppy gear, Interactions with human pups, Puppy scenes and more! The class will give you the […]

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