The Sisterhood of Superheroines
Unchained Malady

20th Anniversary Movie Premiere

Saturday, August 11, 2018
8:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Bayboro
Open to: Day Pass & All Access Pass Holders



Running time: 1 hr. 19 minutes

The Sisterhood of Superheroines returns for another movie-length adventure written and directed by Comic Book Hall of Famer George Pérez! This titanic tale starts with Sisterhood veteran Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke) trapped in an eerie limbo in a desperate, but futile, battle with the vicious Malady (Saharra Huxly) working for an alien menace called Dark Czar.

Meanwhile, in her own interstellar sanctuary, Daisy Chain’s cousin Prism (Jewell Marceau), with the help of Sunburst (Angela Sommers), seeks out a means of rescuing the imprisoned Daisy Chain. However, when Prism does find her cousin, the reception is not what she hoped for and Sunburst must enlist the aid of another sisterhood member Compass (Kymberly Jane) to track down both heroines.

Compass uses her teleportation powers to send her and Sunburst through an interdimensional vortex. Compass ends up in a dark dungeon where she finds Prism bound to a wall by energy manacles. Sunburst finds herself in a foggy void where she confronts a strangely emotionless Daisy Chain . When Compass and Sunburst are each attacked, it becomes all too evident that Prism and Daisy Chain are no longer who they appear to be.

The quartet of heroines awaken after their individual defeats to find themselves each handcuffed to a ring post in the Arena of Champions. They are aghast to see their own dopplegangers standing triumphantly and sinisterly in the middle of the Arena as Dark Czar hovers above them. As Dark Czar transports the duplicates out of the Arena, the towering Malady appears, eager to indulge in her favorite pastime–destroying superheroines!

About George Pérez: The Making Of…

Internationally renowned comic book creator George Pérez’s work is just about everywhere these days, on television and the big screen. In addition to co-creating the popular super team The New Teen Titans, George also had historic and defining runs on Justice League of America, The Avengers, The Infinity Gauntlet and most notably, Wonder Woman. George’s re-imagining of the Amazing Amazon brought the character back to prominence after years of stagnation and it’s his interpretation that was cited as a major influence for the blockbuster movie.

While George has been a fetish fan for as long as he could remember, with a particular penchant for catfighting and bondage that sometimes filtered into his comic book art, it wasn’t until 20 years ago that he actually dipped his toes into the public fetish waters when he commissioned a superheroine catfight video through the California-based Double Trouble Wrestling ( , which specialized in many forms of female combat, often with an erotic twinge. At first, George merely wrote the stories, but eventually he ended up writing, directing, editing and even occasionally performing in the series that would soon have the umbrella title The Sisterhood of Superheroines. Among the famous fetish femmes who have portrayed the heroines and villains in the series are Stacy Burke, Jewell Marceau, Tori Sinclair, Hollywood, Diana Knight, Christina Carter, Goldie Blair, Paris Kennedy, Akira Lane, Kymberly Jane, Saharra Huxly, Tylene Buck, Angela Summers and even former Playmate of the Year Debra Jo Fondren.

George went to his first Fetish Con a decade ago and has been a fervent supporter and advocate for the show and all who participate in the world of fetish and fantasy-fulfillment. In fact, he was the first, and to date, only, man ever to wear a Guest of Honor badge at Fetish Con, a distinction of which he is justifiably proud. Having already been inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame, George seemed even more proud when he was awarded a special Fetish Award at Fetish Con last year for his support and devotion to all things fetish.

This year, in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Sisterhood of Superheroines, George will actually be autographing at a booth alongside many of your favorite fetish favorites dressed as superheroines. This will be one of only two conventions in which George will be appearing this year! Please watch for updates for the names and times these heroine hotties and their artistic master will be at the Sisterhood booth

And if that weren’t special enough, Fetish Con will be hosting a special screening of George’s latest Sisterhood epic, Unchained Maladystarring Stacy Burke, Saharra Huxly, Kymberly Jane, Jewell Marceau and Angela Sommers on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 8pm. George and many of the actress models will be there to introduce the film and answer questions. It’s a superheroine funfest courtesy of Fetish Con, and, of course, George Pérez!