Jewell Marceau


I began my career in the adult BDSM & Fetish genres in 1996. I quickly became a BDSM, Fetish, & Femdom movie producer & director. I’ve produced over 160 full-length feature films. I’ve won many awards in my 28 year career and my movie productions have been nominated multiple times by Xbiz & A.V.N. Now I am a Dominatrix based in Los Angeles. My previous experience as a bondage model lends itself significantly to my ability to perform as a Dominatrix safely. My first & favorite love when playing is rope! I love executing intricate, intensive bondage positions during play, to those who also love the thrill of rope confinement. My passion is making your dark, secret, kinky desires cum to life! I also enjoy igniting the first flames of discovering a new fetish within my clients they never knew they had!


All Sessions by Jewell Marceau

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Basic Rope Bondage Techniques For Kinky Beginners

Jewell Marceau’s bondage workshop is designed to inform and educate individuals how to be creative in the bedroom with rope safely and easily! The basic techniques that will be demonstrated can also be applied to teach professional Fetish Models, Pro Dommes, and lifestyle players how to use rope and bondage techniques efficiently while not inflicting injury. Learning one basic principle of rope can enhance the quality of a couple's play, a model's shoot, as well as Pro Domination sessions in the dungeon. This class is also perfect for BDSM lovers who would like to learn basic rope techniques to use at home when playing with new partners. All you need to learn is one basic principle to begin your bondage scene! Jewell Marceau will guide you through this hands-on process until you’re a pro!

By the end of the class, you will understand how to begin and complete rope bondage ties that you envision and the easiest way to tie rope in a functional way. Next you’ll add your own creative style that will have your play partners quivering! Here’s a secret: There’s an easy way you can even practice on yourself at home before your BDSM rendezvous if you feel like you need some additional “run throughs” before your partner or client arrives. You will learn all of this and more when you join Jewell’s Kinky Bondage for Beginners Class Session! One basic principle is all you need. (And some rope!) If you can, please bring a few pieces of rope with you to class. If you have a partner to practice on during class: Awesome! But if you don’t: Not to worry! Jewell will show you how to apply and practice rope bondage techniques on yourself or another single consenting class member so you’ll be ready for a sexy bondage experience when the time arrives!