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My name is Joe and I own AMA production. Ive been shooting content for 22 years and have been the official production photographer and videographer for 4 years. Im very skilled at getting amateurs to open up as well as working with top name pornstars. This is a very easy profession if you follow simple steps.

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2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Content Production - Stuff We Need To Know

Theres lots to know about successful content production. Especially in a day and age of changing rules and regulations. There's a lot of tips and secrets I can show for a successful shoot to get the most out of your day. From picking the right model, locations, and wardrobe. Paperwork is so important. How to get credibility as a new content creator. Oh yeah and what do you do with the content once you have it. What type of video should I do, do I need photos..what about lighting... well I'm here to help you out.