Jon aka HiThere Catsuit


Jon a/k/a HiThereCatsuit has been hosting the What Women* (*and other wonderful humans) Want podcast since October of 2020 with over 150 episodes. An avid writer and contributor on FetLife, Jon wrote a column about men and their unsolicited dick pics. The response led him to brainstorm with NookieNotes of Dating Kinky to create the podcast.

As Jon, the host has an award winning background in broadcasting going back more than 35 years and has appeared as a talent on national networks as well as regional and local stations. He has 7 Emmy Awards for his work behind the scenes, and also designs all the graphic elements for the show’s social media. In addition, he has been a public speaker and has even presented a TEDx talk about how people treat each other.

In the scene, HiThereCatsuit is a bottom who is known for his trademark spandex suits which led to his name, as so many people just said “HiThereCatsuit” when he would walk into a party. He is also known for his notebooks which he shares with people he connects with to keep inventory of small victories. He is active in the Cincinnati area and has taught at Kinky Kollege Spring Break 2022, Coastal Carolina Fetish Fair 2022 and for TES-NYC in their TESTuesday online series, and the Owl’s Nest Online Education Fundraiser. He is a regular host and presenter with Dating Kinky as well and appears on all of their big weekend events.


All Sessions by Jon aka HiThere Catsuit

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Kindness and other Kinks

Jon has been an ambassador in his communities by bringing people from all over together to share connections and experiences. He bases his success on one thing… kindness. In this workshop, Jon will discuss the difference between kind and nice and how that can make all the difference in the world in getting you the kind of play partners and relationships that you desire. From his tips on profile writing to writing a great note to how to build a connection with someone you may not have ever expected, he guides you to seeing the kind person in you, and how to bring that energy into a room and light it up. Based on his Ted Talk, Jon’s deep dive into being kind discusses power dynamics in society and how turning those power dynamics around can make all the difference in the way people see you. From famous people to the person next door, you will be able to see how it’s the little things that make all the difference. We will also talk about bringing kindness into scenes, which can be a lovely change of pace to a dynamic to heighten intense scenes and allow for breathing room. One important discussion will be the “notebook” scene which was performed at Winter Wickedness that is designed to help someone who is unsure of their place in the community, and welcomes them to a new world in a beautiful combination of words, impact, sensation, and beauty. And every member of the class will receive one of Jon’s notebooks, which has been the key to connection with dozens if not hundreds of kinksters and colleagues. These notebooks are met with emotion and beauty unexpected for a simple gift, and he wants to share their magic with you. Presented at KinkyKollege, TES-NYC, Virtual Education Marathon Fundraiser

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Improv for Kinksters

The world of improv is based on the concept of Yes, And. It is the ability to accept the gift that is presented to you and move forward to the next logical step based on what is presented, as opposed to trying to tell the story the way the other wants to. Some might call it topping from the bottom. This class highlights how both top and bottom can allow scenes to happen more organically in a very fun and interactive class that is fun for everyone. Lots of laughs!! What is a comedy performance class doing in a Kink Conference? The answer is everything, and this class can bring you the skills to make your scenes even better through the art of improvisation. Every scene is a story, and when you develop the scene based on the gifts that are presented to you, the connection becomes stronger, and the development of the scene richer. You see, improvisation is about reality. It’s about taking the next logical step. It’s all about agreement and yes and, which means the chemistry between connections. There is a power dynamic section to the class that allows people to become more aware of the way they can communicate to a top or bottom. In addition, every lesson is one about communication, and reading your partner. This is a full participatory class, and not one that has a lecture. You will be learning from the moment you walk in. Are you scared of being in the spotlight? Learn how to be comfortable. Are you one that tries to top from the bottom? Learn how to give and accept gifts to make your scene flow. Developed with Mistress Diamond Blu who has taught it in NYC and at Montreal Fetish Weekend.

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Telling Your Story with Authenticity

When a scene is over, what do you have left? It is just a memory or was it an experience you don’t want to forget? In this workshop, Jon aka HiThereCatsuit will take you into his world of storytelling through the written word and in interview form. As the host of the popular “What Women and other wonderful humans Want” podcast, Jon has interviewed the who’s who in the kink world from Midori to Jean Bardot, from Sunny Megatron to Lucy Sweetkill and Dia Dynasty. Now, he will not only help you learn techniques to share your authentic stories through introspective techniques, but also share how you can share your story with the kink world. Jon’s writings on Fet have garnered a lot of connections from people who read them and identify with what it means to them. Many have commented that they feel like they are there when reading the stories. Jon wants to help you do the same thing, and this interactive workshop will help you do just that. Presented at KinkyKollege and selected for Spanksgiving