Lady Karma


Lady Karma is an experienced dominatrix based in Dallas, TX. Regarded by many as an empathetic sadist, Lady Karma enjoys using pain as an element of surprise mixed with pleasure. She also offers role playing and kink experience beyond torture: such as light flogging, tease, foot worship and other requests. The curiosity of first timers have opened many minds, as she individually guides each person or couple through a new experience. So, from mild to wild, flogger to cane. She offers either extremity in a comfortable safe and sane environment.

All Sessions by Lady Karma

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Impact with a Purpose

Together we will explore the basic elements of pleasure through pain. Learn proper techniques during the use of impact play that stimulate our endorphins. From sensual touch to flogging, spanking; and for those more adventurous some paddle, cane, whips and other implement techniques. Add an exciting spice into your playtime and learn how to do it safely and effectively. This is your opportunity to be guided by a professional dominatrix. Plenty of toys will be available for use. You may also bring anything you wish to this hands-on session.