Lew Rubens


Experienced rigger and suspension artist, Lew Rubens has a love and passion of bondage that shows in his work. Known mostly for his wild suspensions, Lew joined the public side of BDSM play spring of 2001 and started his first website, BoundNDetermined.com and started teaching his unique simple bondage style which he branded as “Lewbari” the other “bari”.

All Sessions by Lew Rubens

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Creating Your Dreams

Do you like creating cool pics? Or capturing your memories and fantasies? Do you have ideas about what you would like to create a picture of but aren’t sure how to go about it? All the above have been a strong part of my bdsm life since I found the scene in 2001. In that time I’ve made a few pictures I like. People often ask me where I got my ideas. My plan for this brand new class is to talk about what I’ve created in the past and how I went about it, while showing a slideshow of my pics. Have you ever been curious about the stories behind the pics?