Hello! Welcome to this little pony part of the world. LilPonyBites (she/her) wholeheartedly joined the Leather, Fetish, and Kink community in 2012 and eagerly immersed herself in a submissive role through a D/s relationship. This first experience taught her the basic do's and do not's of power exchange and helped her to open up her little pony identity. Being a submissive at heart, she has been exploring her newly discovered switch tendencies and little/brat side. Is there such a thing as a bratty pony!? Definitely. LilPonyBites has enjoyed going to The Farm to learn and train in Pony Play. She is Ms. Ohio Valley Leather 2016 and Ms. Tri-State Leather 2019; a board member of Miami Valley Pets and Handlers; a member of Ohio Leather Alliance, Tri-State Leather, and Women of Drummer. She usually can indulge in her fetish of cigars at her home bar and local cigar shop. LilPonyBites enjoys learning and teaching American Sign Language. You may see her combining her passions as an ASL interpreter at kink events. She continually looks to serve and help grow her local leather and kink communities, including presenting with her partner, The Rabbi.

All Sessions by LilPonyBites

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

INSTRUMENTS OF ASS PERCUSSION: Introduction to Body Drumming

Body drumming is a form of massage-like rhythmic impact play where the drummer hits the receiver with drumsticks of different textures, sizes, and shapes in sync with the music, in conjunction with sensory deprivation via headphones and blindfold to create the illusion to the receiver that their own body is the musical instrument creating the sounds. Body drumming can be sensual, sadistic, or even orgasmic. The class will cover technique, equipment needed, music selection, and more.

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


It’s been said that with enough imagination (and lube), anything can be a sex toy. Kink must be consensual but must not be costly. Creativity is king, and you can give a beautiful beating on a budget. This class will help you get more bang for your buck by making use of over 101 items found at your friendly neighborhood dollar store! This class is excellent for beginner and veteran cent saving sadists and will cover several different types of play, creativity with pervertibles, DIY, safety, and more.

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

BRATTY DADDIES: What the hell?!?

Brats are submissive rule-breakers, and daddies are dominants who make the rules, so … what the hell? What is a bratty daddy? Who are they? How do you resolve the dichotomy between those two labels? What rules will be broken, and who decided those rules anyway? Learn about the creative chaotic good of the kink world. Taught by the pied piper of brats himself, The Rabbi.

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

I Got a Case of BODY LANGUAGE - Reading Your Bottom in a Scene

How do you craft your scene when your bottom is non-verbal, whether it is from a gag, hood, subspace or just shyness? How do restraints change body language? We'll cover this topic from the head, shoulders, knees, and toes, so you'll be in the know when things are going well or not so well.