Lucia Gabriela


Lucia Gabriela helps individuals and couples to master their life, relationships, and intimacy with themselves and others.

  • As a Trauma-Informed Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Lucia Gabriela creates a sacred and safe space for individuals and couples to heal, transform, and uplevel their relationships. As a result, clients learn how to develop conscious and meaningful intimacy.
  • As a Trauma-Informed Somatic Therapist and Tantra Facilitator, Lucia Gabriela specializes in and works with individuals whose journey is to liberate themselves from emotional and sexual traumas. She helps them reclaim their creative power, body, voice, sensuality, and sexuality and welcomes pleasure into their lives, creations, and relationships. Lucia Gabriela offers her coaching and somatic services at Nuna Holistic Retreat Center.
  • As a Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Kink Practitioner and TantriKink® Creator, Lucia Gabriela fuses the power of Tantra and Kink/BDSM to help clients connect with their body wisdom, discover their erotic archetypes, and master their erotic energy.
  • As a Trauma-Informed Event Producer, Lucia Gabriela founded Sacred Love Temple (Tantric Shamanic Community & Events), Sarasota Dark Temple (Conscious Kink/BDSM Community & Events), and Sol y Luna Tantric Shamanic Retreat-Festival and Intimacy and Desire 2.0 Conference. Lucia Gabriela is also the co-producer of Turn On Miami™ and eXplore Tantra Festival™.
  • As a Trauma-Informed Intimacy Expert, Lucia Gabriela is the Tantric Shamanic Somatic Healing, TSSH™ Certification Trainings co-teacher.

All Sessions by Lucia Gabriela

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Tantric Domination + Demo

What comes to your mind when you think of Kink/BDSM? For the majority, what comes to our minds is pain, punishment, or strict obedience. Instead, imagine tantric touch, ecstatic pleasure, and sensual awakening to satisfy your kinky hunger. In Tantra, we explore five elements: breath, sound, movement, energy, and intention. We also explore rituals for connection, embodiment, and awakening of many parts of ourselves. Imagine connecting with your Dom/sub and creating an experience that satisfies your body, heart, soul, and mind. Learn to fulfill the true hunger of your partner in this class. Facilitated by Lucia Gabriela, TantriKink® Author, and Therapeutic Kink Practitioner and Founder at Sarasota Dark Temple.

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

TantriKink® - A fusion of Tantra and Kink/BDSM

TantriKink®️ is a conscious and playful fusion of these two worlds, Tantra and Kink/BDSM, where awakening your senses and mastering your dominant and submissive energies takes place. TantriKink®️ is designed to spice up and rekindle your relationship with yourself and your partner by understanding the playful energies often ignored or assumed dormant. Learn Tantric practices to awaken your sensual and erotic energy to connect with your partner at a deeper level and learn conscious Kink/BDSM dynamics that will invite you to surrender deeper within yourself to birth your master self. TantriKink®️ is a conscious, somatic, and energetic experience facilitated to help you surrender to your pleasure, bliss, joy, ecstasy, alchemy, and evolution. It is a journey of energetic awareness, awakening, exploration, and ownership of yourself as an individual, partner, lover, alchemist, and master in love, relationships, and sexuality. Facilitated by Lucia Gabriela, TantriKink® Author, and Therapeutic Kink Practitioner and Founder at Sarasota Dark Temple.