Mx. Sizzle


Mx. Sizzle aka Naomi Ardjomand-Kermani is the founder of the capacity-building assistance and inclusive and comprehensive safer sex education consulting agency, A Different Kind of Different, LLC.

For nearly two decades, Naomi has been involved in social justice advocacy through their work in equity and justice as well as inclusive and comprehensive safer sex education and skill building. A graduate of New College of Florida, the honors college of Florida, Naomi studied bioinformatics and received a bachelor’s degree in biology. They went on to the University of Florida to receive their masters of public health, in social and behavioral sciences, with a focus on queer and transgender health promotion.

Independently motivated and self- taught, Naomi advocates for the improvement of age-appropriate inclusive and comprehensive sexual health curriculum in Florida’s public school system. They work tirelessly to improve quality of care and increase positive health outcomes throughout the state of Florida and beyond. They are nationally known in the diversity and inclusion community for their program design, development, and delivery of engaging and thought- provoking cultural competence workshops.

All Sessions by Mx. Sizzle

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

RACKS (Risk Aware Consensual Kinky Sex) on Racks

(RACKS) on Racks is a workshop that will provide an overview of Risk-Aware Consensual Kinky Sex (RACKS) and BDSM. Topics covered will include consent, safe words/signals, nurturance culture, D/s "roles", decolonizing kinky spaces, and providing accessible play spaces and scenes inclusive of disabled and neuroatypical folks. Several specific examples of kinks will be demonstrated with a live model, such as: impact play, physical restriction, sensory deprivation, and temperature play.