A Sling Swing

todayJuly 13, 2023

A Sling Swing

ASlingSwing, did not start out as a sex toy! It was made for my bad back. But as my patent attorney had thought, the best purpose is a sex sling and swing. "TheF*ckingA" was born, the easier name on the ears is "ASlingSwing". Designed to hold your body in the best f*cking position! My product is a bit over designed and over built! When you get your "A" You will see the quality of My product and strength, it is built like a 1963 Cadillac! Hanging from the one point took alot of thought to have a ridged sling to hold the legs apart, the back flat.
You will go a longer distance (deeper) in my product with how the design holds you or your partners body stretched in the targeted area. "ASlingSwing" is made in Orlando! Orlando's main industry is to manufacture fun! We do that too in our factory! We do not have the words “World” or “Studios” in our name but we offer years of fun, and want you to come often!

Written by: Fetish Con

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