The Lewbari Store

todayJuly 11, 2023

The Lewbari Store

Bondagey stuff. Some invented by Lew! Stocks in a box, FTP Trainers, Nipple Tree, Leather cuffs, Rope bags, plastic wrap, suspensions rings, rope, safety scissors.

Written by: Fetish Con

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label todayJuly 11, 2023

BabyLove’s Latex

BabyLove's Latex

Reneé Masoomian is a powerhouse of exciting Avant-garde designs. She creates clothing that satisfy the senses; seamlessly stitching the past into the future. Greatly known for her work in latex, Masoomian's sleek style ranges from traditional couture to boundary pushing designs that challenge and reinterpret previously concepts of fashion. Established in 2006 and based in New York City, Reneé Masoomian is a design company dedicated to combating issues of wasteful manufacturing by focusing efforts on localized production and using environmentally responsible materials in her work.

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