Uncut Leather Goods

todayJuly 13, 2023

Uncut Leather Goods

It’s all about you... Here at Uncut we make products that cater to those who dare to be different. We recognize that our customers don’t lives their lives like anyone else and appreciate the things about life that others may over look or don’t even acknowledge. Uncut is for the rebels, the creative types, the ones who appreciate the spice life has to offer, and to those who not only color outside the lines, but ignore them all together. We believe in using the finest leathers, with the best hardware, while blending colors and textures to create some truly unique items. Yes, the items do take more time to manufacture, and yes, the items are more expensive than usual, but that’s because we know you are worth it. Your better then the cheap imitations that can be found anywhere else, and we want to create products that reflect quality of our customers. Whether you are looking for products to reflect your unique style or for products to spice up the bedroom with we’re here for you. After all you’re not like the others. You are unrestricted, unrestrained, and above all else, Raw X Uncut!

Written by: Fetish Con

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Ribbons and Rivets

Ribbons and Rivets

From the humble beginnings of being a hobby in 2004, Ribbons and Rivets has evolved to be a tackle-all-projects theatrical costume company that specializes in leather and custom work. Our mission is to bend leather- nay, all costuming materials- to our will! We love the challenge of bringing your imagination to reality so if you've got an idea rolling around your mind, feel free to send us a message. Ribbons and Rivets has grown to include multiple artists, collaborators, and general supporters that allow us to travel to comic cons, Renaissance festivals, craft shows and art/fetish events throughout the year to present our wares - armor, knick-knacks, costumes, and much more- and share our knowledge on the craft at panels and workshops.

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