Unique Kink

todayJuly 13, 2023

Unique Kink

We have the only patented, self correcting, "Quick Head"©, interchangeable gear. Our selection includes; a Wide range of colors and leathers in floggers, dragon tails, dragon dicks, octopussies, scorpions, chainmail floggers, whips and clothing. Now carrying MotorBunny, G-vibe and an Amazing Furniture Line I am involved in with Chateau D'Lex. You have got to see this unbelievably multi-use motorized adjustability furniture!

Written by: Fetish Con

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At DyeAddictRope, rope is our passion. Some call me Sir Over-the-Top because I always do more than what's needed... go that extra mile... or four. DyeAddictRope is a product of that philosophy, by which I live life. Our goal is simple - to offer the highest quality, most beautiful and diverse selection of rope available anywhere. I believe we've succeeded, and hope you'll become a believer too. Or an Addict. Either is good. 😈 What started out in 2016 as a crazy idea quickly grew into the conscientious, customer-centric business you all know and love. From our humble beginnings with a 16-gallon pot on the kitchen stove and 300-foot lengths of rope, we've grown into an efficient system of multiple outside burners with much larger containers. We dye ahead too, ensuring we don't run out of what you want. With rare exceptions, don't expect to see any standard color 'out of stock' at DyeAddictRope. And we know you want it NOW, so most orders ship the next day. As of June 2023, we feature 52 vibrant and artistic colors… and growing! Come on, feel the addiction for yourself. We're confident you'll be back for more.

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