Whipping Stripes

todayJuly 11, 2023

Whipping Stripes

Allow me to welcome you to the world of excellence. I have a single motto: By lifestylers, for lifestylers. There's really no other way to experience quality. I am proud of every single one of my top quality products and stand behind them too. I've been able to do that by lovingly crafting each of my handmade and individually finished floggers by myself. I've been creating whips and floggers by hand for over 25 years. I have limitless customer references happy to vet my products should you have any skepticism. My products are something that I have complete faith in. I not only use my items on others, but have them used on myself. As a switch artisan I have full experience with these whips and fully recommend them. I work meticulously with you to ensure the intensity, weight, style and colors are exactly what you want. So take a look around my website and see the many items I offer, you can place an order or give me a call and let me answer all your questions. I am here to help you!

Written by: Fetish Con

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