New Website Design Unveiled!

We are thrilled to finally unveil our brand new website design and layout!

We apologize for the delay in updates prior to this new website release, we were a bit stuck waiting for it to be finished. Now we can update this on the fly, it’s so much faster and easier and multiple people can add new information as we have it too! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we get Fetish Con running with a new look & feel for everyone!

With the help of our friend Ryan from, we have finally been able to give the entire Fetish Con website a massive overhaul and face lift! We have had the same look & feel to the site since about 2006, it was originally designed by our good friend, Dariusz from SharkMedia Productions. Thank you to both of you for helping us keep Fetish Con™ up and running and looking great!

It’s been a slow and long road finally getting to this point but we couldn’t be happier with the ease of updating and all of the new design features. We know change can be scary and you may not know where to find things right away, but we tried to keep the new site as user-friendly as possible and as close to the old navigation set-up as possible. We’ve trimmed the site down quite a bit along the way, but everything is still here waiting for you to check it out!