Limited Access One Day
Trade Show Only Wristbands

Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday During Selected Times Only

$40.00 Per Person
– Cash Only –


Includes – Single Day General Attendees/General Public/Walk-Ins

You must be 18 or Older to attend this event. No exceptions to this rule will be allowed and all attendees must show a valid photo ID upon on-site registration to be granted entry into the event. All Single Day Trade Show Only Attendees must also sign the General Rules and Code of Conduct Agreement to gain entry to the trade show.

With this option you will receive the following:
  • One (1) Limited Access Single Day Trade Show Only Wristband
  • Access to the Trade Show Exhibition Hall & Vendors
  • Access to All Classes: Workshops, Seminars and Lectures
  • Limited Access to the Twisted Dungeon Private Play Space (during stated exhibit hall hours only – see below)
Limited Access Day Wristbands are ONLY Valid During Main Exhibit Hall Hours:
Friday from 12:00PM to 8:00PM – Sponsored by
Saturday from 12:00PM to 8:00PM – Sponsored by TBA
Sunday from 11:00AM to 3:00PM –
Limited Access Single Day Wristbands DO NOT INCLUDE:
  • ANY Thursday Events – Preregistered Attendees Only
  • On-Site Parties @ the Hilton or Any Special Events
  • After Hours Twisted Dungeon Private Play Space
  • Pervy Pool Party – Pool Pass REQUIRED For Entry
  • ANY Sunday Night Events – Preregistered Attendees Only
Limited Access Single Day Attendees are ONLY Allowed Access Inside the Hotel Until the Following Stated Times:
Friday, August 09th at 8:30PM
Saturday, August 10th at 8:30PM
Sunday, August 11th at 3:30PM

After the above stated times Event Security will be asking Day Pass Attendees to leave the hotel premises.