Welcome to FACTalks:
Fetish - Adult - Clip Talks

FACTalks are B2B Seminars and Panels Discussing the Fetish, Adult & Clip World

Business to Business (B2B) seminars and panels are the cornerstone of learning when it comes to the fetish and adult industry. We all learn from those who have blazed a path before us and fought the fights that needed to be addressed to allow our industry to thrive. Whether it was through a landmark legal decision or a new law that effects the fetish and adult industry, to an important social issue – such as mental health that needs to be brought into the light, even a new technology and advances in websites, hosting and billing services to better serve the industry, or simply sharing ideas and business strategies which have been successful to building a recognized fetish or adult brand. We all have something to share and to learn from our industry peers, and through our new FACTalks series we hope to add to that discussion for a better future for all industry members.