2024 Health & Safety Plan


The following will be in effect from August 07th – 12th 2024

The health and safety of all attendees while at Fetish Con 2024 is paramount to us. We take this very seriously so that everyone can enjoy their time at the trade show as worry-free as possible. To be able to provide the safest experience while at the show, XIX Events, LLC will be following all of the Pinellas County / City of St. Petersburg’s guidelines for Large-Scale Special Events. Find out more about Pinellas County’s guidelines: CLICK HERE, and for the CDC’s guidance on Large Events and Gatherings: CLICK HERE. For information related to Monkeypox visit: https://www.cdc.gov/poxvirus/monkeypox/index.html

During Check-In at Fetish Con 2024

  • All attendees will sign a legal waiver at the show to attend acknowledging that they will be attending at their own risk.
  • All attendees will have the option to wear a mask in all common areas of the hotel, on the showroom floor or inside any trade show event areas. For more on the CDC’s recommendations regarding face masks, please visit: CLICK HERE
  • All attendees are asked to practice social distancing (maintaining a distance of 6 feet apart) while at the trade show, in addition to the trade show’s own social distancing measures.
    • I, (the attendee/participant) acknowledge that I am attending FETISH CON at my own risk.
    • I, (the attendee/participant) do hereby certify that in the past 10 days I have not had a Positive COVID-19, or one of the COVID-19 Variants, or a Monkeypox diagnosis, and have not experienced or currently are not experiencing the onset of any of the primary symptoms of COVID-19, a COVID-19 Variant, or Monkeypox.
    • I, (the attendee/participant) do hereby certify that I have not been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with or is showing the onset of any of the primary symptoms of COVID-19, a COVID-19 Variant, or Monkeypox within the last 10 days.
    • I, (the attendee/participant) do hereby agree to not interact with other trade show attendees, walk the show floor, attend any on-site events, seminars, demos, or after parties if I experience any primary symptoms related to COVID-19, COVID-19 Variants, or Monkeypox, or are currently diagnosed and/or suspect I currently have the virus (COVID-19, COVID-19 Variants, or Monkeypox).
    • I, (the attendee/participant) do hereby agree that I will immediately quarantine and notify the Hilton Hotel Staff and Fetish Con Staff if I begin experiencing the onset of any of the primary symptoms of COVID-19, a COVID-19 Variant, or Monkeypox.

While at Fetish Con 2024

  • OPTIONAL – Fully Vaccinated / Boosted attendees and/or Attendees with a negative COVID-19 test within the last 48 hours will be able to get a free optional wristband identifying the attendee as fully vaccinated or testing negative. Cameraphone photos or photocopies of vaccination cards will be accepted.
  • Free face masks will be available to all attendees during registration hours and after hours at the hotel front desk.
  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations will be place throughout the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront hotel for all attendees.

The Hilton CleanStay Program

  • Hilton has taken additional measures beyond their industry-leading cleaning standards by partnering with Reckitt, maker of Lysol & Dettol, to develop their Hilton CleanStay program. This innovative program builds upon their already rigorous cleaning standards by providing enhanced training for Team Members, increased cleaning of public areas and adjusted food & beverage service, to ensure all guests enjoy a worry-free stay. For more on the Hilton CleanStay Program, please visit: CLICK HERE

Testing Centers Closest to the Hilton

Optional Survey