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Hosted by, Jon aka HiThereCatsuit

It’s the year for collaborations and this is one we are thrilled to be apart of… We met Jon aka HiThereCatsuit at Fetish Con 2022 and after listening to his podcasts and hearing all of the positive feedback from the amazing people he’s been able to interview and speak with – we knew he was someone we wanted to follow. Fast forward to after the show and Jon reached out to us with an idea and after hearing it we knew we were onboard.

We are very happy to announce Authentically Kinky is now the Official Podcast of Fetish Con!

Jon has some really amazing ideas that we will be announcing soon, and together we hope to be able to highlight the truly amazing people within the fetish community throughout the year as we gear up and get ready for the next show.

For three years and more than 200 shows, What Women* (*and other wonderful Humans) Want brought you the stories of personalities of kink and other communities in their most authentic light ever. And while the show hasn’t changed, our name has. We are now Authentically Kinky, Presented by Dating Kinky and Powered by Clips4Sale.

Our new name will bring us a more focused audience in a more searchable format so that we can continue doing the good work of showing the public why people in this community are so special and working to break the stigma that surrounds what we love.

Beginning as a show about making connections and evolving into a format that examines how people become their authentic selves, We are now in our fourth season, with over 200 episodes and have been named “The Official Podcast of Fetish Con”. While we focus on people in our community of sex positive and kink, we aim to tell the stories of amazing people who bring their genuine selves to everything they do, no matter their passion. From educators to authors, athletes to actors, we seek the stories that inspire and create connection.

And while the idea of everyone having a podcast lately is very true, here is what makes ours different. The show is hosted by a long time television broadcaster who has been interviewing celebrities for over 35 years. It is hosted by a man (who recently came out on the show as gender fluid) who wants to present the guests as their authentic self, not just the one people see in the persona they play. And finally, our show honors our guests by giving them a forum to discuss what is important to them in a friendly and professional way. The show is being presented by DatingKinky, a wonderful site founded by my friend NookieNotes which brings together information, education, and connections for non-traditional relationships. As she says, it’s kinky done differently.

Available on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, TuneIn, iHeart, and wherever you get your podcasts as well as our own player, our show has grown in listenership with more than a half a million downloads through 2023. And now, beginning with Season 4, all episodes will be available on YouTube including some video episodes. The program has had a powerhouse lineup with authors, professionals, lifestyle and interesting guests who have shared amazing feedback.

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