Ribbons and Rivets

todayMarch 24, 2024

Ribbons and Rivets

From the humble beginnings of being a hobby in 2004, Ribbons and Rivets has evolved to be a tackle-all-projects theatrical costume company that specializes in leather and custom work. Our mission is to bend leather- nay, all costuming materials- to our will! We love the challenge of bringing your imagination to reality so if you've got an idea rolling around your mind, feel free to send us a message. Ribbons and Rivets has grown to include multiple artists, collaborators, and general supporters that allow us to travel to comic cons, Renaissance festivals, craft shows and art/fetish events throughout the year to present our wares - armor, knick-knacks, costumes, and much more- and share our knowledge on the craft at panels and workshops.

Written by: Fetish Con

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