Restricted Hotel Access

The Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront is the epicenter of everything FETISH CON™ and because of that we want to make sure that only registered attendees of the show take advantage of everything the show has to offer. So what does that mean…?

PLEASE NOTE: There will be 24hr event security in the hotel lobby area and at all entrances to the hotel  to check badges upon entry. If you do not have an All Access Pass (badge) or a limited access single day wristband, you won’t be allowed to enter any part of the property during any of the trade show days. We know this will raise questions, so here are some of the reasons why we have a secured hotel:

  • Security – The trade show is an adults only event and it’s our responsibility to make sure everyone within the hotel is not only over the age of 18, but that they have also properly registered for the event, which means we have their photo ID on file.
  • Safety – Allowing only registered attendees to be on the hotel property assures that everyone there IS supposed to be there and they have not only signed the General Rules and Code of Conduct for the show, but they have also again, proven their age by presenting valid photo ID.
  • Like-Minded People – By securing the hotel we know that only people who are verified and registered aka “like minded people” will be a part of the four day trade show. We welcome interested newcomers and we LOVE to have them attend the show and experience “almost” all that the show has to offer. However, we do not allow anyone to be there as a “looky loo”, simply on the hotel property because they are there “sight seeing” because that can make our attendees uncomfortable and that’s the last thing we want to happen!
  • General Public – We do of course allow and love for the general public to attend the show whether as All Access Pass holders or on a “Limited Access Single Day Wristband” – however these single day wristbands have a strict time limit for when the attendees can be on the hotel property (see: for more information). Please make sure you understand all of the rules and limitations of a single day wristband.
  • Private Event – FETISH CON™ has booked the entire hotel and due to this the hotel is no longer a public venue beginning on the trade show set-up day at 12:00pm EST on Wednesday, August 07, 2019 and ending at 8:00am EST on Monday, August 13, 2018), instead it is considered private property. As private property the general public is not allowed inside the property itself (elevator/hotel rooms, bar, restaurant, pool etc.) without an All Access Pass, Pool Pass (if at the pool) and/or a Single Day Wristband.
  • Respect for FETISH CON™ – For many years we have been made aware of the fact that people have attended but have never paid the small fee we charge for attending the trade show. While in the past, we have not strictly enforced the rule that to attend you must be registered for the show, but that has changed due to the rising costs of putting on an event of this size. FETISH CON™ offers something no other event does – unlimited networking with other members of the industry. It’s a chance to meet people that you may never have the opportunity to meet and it’s a chance to create business opportunities that you may never be able to create with people from around the world. All we ask is that you support the show so FETISH CON™ can continue to support the industry.

PLEASE REMEMBER – Just because you may have a room reserved at the Hilton St Petersburg Bayfront doesn’t mean you are registered to attend the trade show. If you have NOT pre-purchased an ALL ACCESS PASS as stated on the Hotel & Travel page, then your room may be forfeited to other registered attendees on the waiting list. We check the hotel room registration list against our registered attendees, so please make sure you have your ALL ACCESS PASS confirmed BEFORE you arrive at the Hilton St Petersburg Bayfront: